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Hi, I'm glad you are here

I'm in the area of IT for a long time now. I was one of the youngest who did attend a Cobol training at the VHS (adult education center). And after that I stuck my nose again and again into programming, but it was never my job.

My job did encompass trainings, troubleshooting and consultancy. Nowadays I moved into program management, which is an interesting area.

In my hobbies I stayed true to programming though:
- Passively as a GameTester for an indi game
- Actively as a plugin developer / maintainer in java for Bukkit
- And now as a plugin developer / maintainer in javascript for Obsidian.

Due to my job change I started into the area on how to better store my notes without creating an other black hole.

On top of that there were things like "MidLifeCrisis", the "Search for the meaning of live" and a lot of other stuff.

All of that lead me to Obsidian and programming. Follow me on this journey...

I would be glad...

Your travel-agent


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