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MingleMangle of My lol wut?

A lot of people ask me what is behind Mingle Mangle of My Mind (MMoMM).

It is a translation from the german word "Kuddel Muddel" and "Meine Gedanken", which is My Mind. So it might not be 100% correct but I think it fits. As an abbreviation I use MMoMM or as that is taken a lot of the time

The Mingle Mangle was one of the reasons to start digging deeper into #PKM and #Obsidian. The Mingle Mangle, all the things tossed together, the 1005 ideas which I have, trying to make them productive and structured.

The blog will grow over time with content about #PKM, #Obsidian and #MiYo plus some other tidbits I find interesting. And there is also my Youtube Channel.

So if you are interested to see how I solve this or the other problem and which gold nuggets I find on my way, I would welcome your subscription..


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