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The 2 aspects of MiYo

Last time I talked about how I tackle note taking or which approach I'm using from all of the available ones. Some people may say now... lol wut?

And you are right. MiYo - Make it your own wasn't really a big overarching describe everything kind of blog posts which explains everything.

It was a teaser, a start of a journey which doesn't always takes the shortest route to get to it's destination.

2 aspects

So let's start by taking a closer look.

#MiYo has 2 aspects:

The first one which covers the cycle of

  • Data Aggregation

  • Data Composition

  • Data Emergence

So the gathering of knowledge.

This is the aspects which fits so nicely to the Japanese writing:

三世 - three temporal states of existence; past, present and future

I will call it MiYo - ACE from now on.

The other aspect focusses on how to use the method / aspect of gathering of knowledge to gain new abilities, adapt new frameworks / processes etc.

This MiYo - Framework is also a cycle:

  • Read

  • Consider

  • Try out

  • Adapt

The way ahead

So why isn't this a nice little short post? Why does it need to be so many?

It's simple, those cycles never stop, it is a constant process of refinement and of self-discipline.

On top of that you need to be able to draw the line between:

it works, but it isn't perfect


if it isn't perfect I will never see a result

When would it be ever perfect? Only through trying and living of processes / tools etc you can find out if there is something to improve.

So what will the future be like?

I will keep on writing down my thoughts first in my vault and will then afterwards publish these information / processes / etc here on my blog.

Due to that my notes will develop further, because through processing them to generate a blog post I will gather new findings.

What did I learn why writing this blog post?

While working on this post I noticed that the area of MiYo - Framework needs a lot more written down material and thought. I directly added that to my tasklist in Todoist. BTW: the Todoist Plugin is next on my list of videos.


Without reflection you can't adapt others approaches. Everybody is unique and only through adaptation you can get the most of processes / ideas from other people.

I hope to show you over time which way I did take, will take, try to take.

Everything is constantly changing, while the destination might be defined, the way to it is unclear.

How do you tackle this? Think about it a little and let me know, I welcome your feedback.


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