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MiYo - ACE

Last time I did write a little about the 2 aspects of #MiYo:

  • ACE = Gathering of knowledge

  • Framework = Gain new abilities, adapt new frameworks / processes etc.

Let's start a journey today which destination is MiYo - ACE.

Short warning, it will be a long one.

The journey will be taken in several stages and during it we will perhaps deviate from the planned path. Let's wait and see.


What is our current travel itinerary?

  • What is MiYo - ACE with a short overview

  • MiYo - Aggregate

  • MiYo - Compose

  • MiYo - Emerge

And that already started the short overview. And the attentive reader has noticed that ACE means:


We will take a closer look at those subjects in later posts.

For me one of the key points of #PKM is to not create a dataswamp, which sucks in more and more information and never releases it again. You will generally hear this in conjunction with the Collectors Fallacy. This expression describes the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you collect data. MiYo - Aggregate

The problem is though, only collection data is not enough. I need to be able to connect the data to create meaningful relationships and value. MiYo - Compose

And even connected data with meaningful relationship don't deliver any additional value if you can't use it. MiYo - Emerge

The reason behind it?

Beginning of this year I was the proud owner of a Evernote / Pocket / Chrome Bookmark / PinBoard / EMail / Filesystem data swamp.

Well.... proud... 😞

I collected data like a honey bee, everything I found interesting I saved, but I didn't really search for them in all my tools. Everything which was saved in Pocket, Chrome Bookmarks or PinBoard I normally searched with Google Search again.

I looked into Evernote from time to time for license information of my programs, but otherwise?

And I had a lot of data (e.g.. Pocket with 1000 bookmarks since 2010), which was totally irrelevant nowadays.

On top of that I changed jobs, into an area, in which 90% of my accumulated "knowledge" (which was even outdated) couldn't be used anymore.

So I started my journey and I haven't finished it yet.

One thing is clear though: Only if I change something I will not create an other dataswamp.

What did I learn up to now?

Which knowledge did I gain throughout the journey till now? One thing I thought over was the way to create notes.

I didn't come up with it out of my own, I had some help. But the condensed idea from all the sources and ideas I found does come to:

1. take notes in your own words
2. be brief
3. Thing about why you are writing this information down.
4. Write it down in a way you will find it in the future.

The effort required to create notes with this 4 steps is a good first defence to just collect data. On top of that it will ease the retrieval of information later, as when you are looking for information you search for it in your own words.

But this is enough for now I thing, the post is quite long already.

As you can see I need to work on

2. be brief

quiet a bit.

What did I learn from writing this blog post?

While writing the post I noticed that the base note I have is quite long and can without problem be broken down into sub parts. I added those subcategories already here in this text, e.g. MiYo - Emerge and added more links.

The #Obsidian GraphView for this note looks like this at the moment:

Obsidian GraphView MiYo Ace

You can notice that a lot of the notes don't exist yet (light grey), but I deem them important, so I already create those links during creation of this note.

More about that later.


I hope the post created the need for more. In the next posts we will take a closer look and will dry out the dataswamp.

Information in dataswamps don't help anybody, they encumber us. Only through "reflection" we are able to utilise information in a meaningful way and progress further.

If you have questions or suggestions let me know. Feedback is one of the most important parts of creating new knowledge from existing information..


Update: 2023-02-09

I'm just attending LYT 10 from Nick Milo. LYT has changed a lot since I looked at it in May last year. Nick is also using ACE (Add, Connect, Express), looks quite similar, but I had my idea about MiYo - ACE by myself.


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